The village of Tulbaghroad or as it was known as Bergville (before 1930) has a rich history dating back to 1874/75 when the railway line was extended from Wellington to Worcester. To extend the rail connection further to the town of Tulbagh at the time proved to be too costly and it was decided to build the station on the east entrance to the Nuwekloof Pass close to the perennial fountain against the foot of the Elandsberg.

After the earthquake of 1969 the little village of Tulbaghroad (Bergville) ceased to exist. We bought de Opstal in 1994 not to farm but to be able to stay in the country and enjoy whatever Mother Nature provided. In the beginning there was hardly any garden or birdlife to speak of. Since then we have established a fair size garden creating a special place for humans to relax .and a safe haven for our feathered friends.

Roses are my passion needless to say where there is an open spot I plant a rose. We are blessed with a magnificent Oak tree (well over 100 years old) in front of the cottage, which today is the trade mark of the cottage providing most welcomed shade in the heat of summer.

After much effort and perseverance the garden is teeming with bird life and the water features provide a special spot for bird watching especially at feeding and bath time. We believe if something is worth doing you leave no stone unturned until you have reached whatever you have set out to do, without upsetting the natural order of things preserving Nature as she intended it to be.

At night you will often spot wild hares and mountain deer grazing on the grass at the back of the cottage and if you listen closely you might even hear the owls.

Egyptian Geese are also frequent visitors to our dam. Our family of swallows have been around for many a season even their young have returned here to join their parents in the circle of life.

Our water is a gift of Nature coming from a natural spring high up in the mountain. This is not just home to us it is our sanctuary, a place of true peace and bliss which we share with each and every patron hoping you will take back with you an unforgettable memory of the Milkshed and its inhabitants.